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San Diego Playback Theatre


 Your Story.  My Story.  Our Story.

"I really appreciated the Minstrels of Story Playback Theatre group.  I decided to publicly tell a story that lies at the core of my difficulties being "one of those" ABI's (Acquired Brain Injury).  At the very end of performing my story, one of the players gave a powerful straight and true shot that struck the core!  I laughed my head off as did everybody else.  It was very healing, indeed."


Ridge, Brain Injury Foundation

"When I heard about Playback, I was so curious as to how the troupe would "play back" a story from someone in such a short period of time.  What I witnessed in my trauma workshop for Veterans, Stomp and Shout, was such a beautiful experience.  In just a few moments the troupe was able to put together meaningful imprints of meaningful and even tough memories that I know we will always remember and deeply treasure."


Amber Robinson, American History Theater


San Diego Playback Theatre is an improvisational ensemble founded in 2004 as Minstrels of Story Playback Theatre. We offer interactive performances for all kinds of audiences in a variety of intimate settings. 
We have a deep commitment to the stories of all people, to the heart and essence of each story, and to the gift of honoring stories by enacting them for the teller, in the moment, through text, sound, movement, and music.  
Troupe members become well practiced in the philosophy and forms of Playback Theatre as developed by founders Jonathan Fox and Jo Salas, as well as our unique forms of presentation, in order to create a safe and nurturing environment.




    Telling others about our experiences in life helps us to construct new narratives out of old memories, give substance to a wish or dream for the future, as well as create some semblence of meaning out of the seeming randomness and chaos of our lives. 
    Despite the uniqueness of any individual story, stories often share a common ground upon which we all stand.  Hearing the stories of others lessens isolation and reflects a shared humanity.  
    Playback Theatre, in all types of audiences, helps people laugh together, grieve together, and dream together, much like the campfires of old or the shaman circle of antiquity.

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